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Information support by phone daily from 10:00 to 19:00 

+7 926 847 36 64 - MARINA

Delivery in Moscow

Delivery in Moscow is done every day, on the next day your order is confirmed, except Saturday and Sunday from 10 am until 18 pm

Delivery across Russia

Delivery across Russia KeUj34r6qTYWmfqIqDGp25vtnjivsc-wHS5GVyHD and  o_nlhBGBOS1HPYEScEMDx022hB1JlNZmUa0B8A0Q

Orders above 10 000 RUR are shipped free of charge!

Delivery cost for orders below 10 000 RUR:

Transport company KeUj34r6qTYWmfqIqDGp25vtnjivsc-wHS5GVyHD 

Delivery of prepaid orders or orders with payment on delivery cost 500 RUR (express delivery “door to door” or “door - office of CDEK in your town)

Transport company o_nlhBGBOS1HPYEScEMDx022hB1JlNZmUa0B8A0Q

Delivery of ONLY prepaid orders  -  250 RUR  

N.B. - Payment on delivery with the Russian post is not possible!!!

Personal pick-up  – For Free!

In case you use “personal pick-up”, you need to visit our Creative Studio in Moscow on metro station Chekhovskaya, Petrovka street 30/7  on WEEKDAYS only, from 10:00 to 19:00, or at the factory in  Peterhof