Classic 2609 S038 - High Quality Russian Watch with Competitive Price

Raketa "Classic 2609" S038


Mechanical 5 atm case size 38


With it’s manual movement - nicknamed “Big zero” - this Rakeeta has been produced over a million units. Everyone remembers Mikhael Gorbachev wearing this watch during the “perestroika” - Explaining how Russians should start everything from zero.

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Mikhail Gorbachev was the first celebrity who started wearing this watch model early in 80s. When visiting Italy he was asked by a journalist what Perestroika meant for him. Gorbachev immediately replied that Russians had decided to start living from Zero and to illustrate this he showed them his Raketa watch with “0” instead of “12”.

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Movement TypeMechanical
Water resistant5 АТМ
Case size38,5х10 mm
Strap typeGenuine leather
Size of the strap20 mm
Wrist size140 - 210 mm