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The watch brand “Pobeda” (which means "Victory" in Russian) was created in 1945. The watchmakers were entrusted with the mission to create a watch ...

The watch brand “Pobeda” (which means "Victory" in Russian) was created in 1945. The watchmakers were entrusted with the mission to create a watch that would celebrate the spirit of victory of every citizen of the country.

"Pobeda" watches were always close to the people's heart: they represent the continuous strive of each and everyone one of us to overcome every difficulty in life and reach victory on a daily basis. "Victory" (“Pobeda” in Russian) is always within the reach of your hand!

Your time — your Victory (“Pobeda”)!



  • Classic

    Russian watch Pobeda "Classic"

    The factory is reviving the desgin of the famous Pobeda (in Russian "Victory") watches of the soviet era. The elegant mens' and ladies' Pobeda watches are made to please all ages and all styles. Your time - your Victory!

  • Rodina

    Russian watch Pobeda "Rodina"

    Pobeda (in Russian "Victory") watches represent pride in you country, in its victories, and in its grandeur and beauty. Your time - your Victory!

  • Mir

    Russian watch Pobeda "Mir"

    The factory is revisiting the classical Pobeda (in Russian "Victory") watches fron the 1945-1950 era, and giving them a new lease of life with an ivory coloured guilloche dial. Your time - your Victory!

  • First watch in space

    Russian watch Pobeda "First in space"

    The first watch ever to travel into space was a Pobeda (in Russian "Victory") watch. It flew on board the Sputnik 4 spaceship which was launched into space on 9 March 1961. Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space one month later) proudly wore a Pobeda watch, which is now exhibited in the Cosmonaut Museam in Moscow. This is why the factory is now producing its "First in Space" Pobeda range. Your time - your Victory!

  • Vesna

    Russian watch Pobeda "Vesna"

    "Vesna" means "spring" in Russian. This stylish collection of Russian quartz Pobeda (in Russian "Victory") watches offers an ideal gift for someone who is dear to you. Your time - your Victory!

  • Military

    Russian watch Pobeda "Military"

    Russian armed forces have worn Pobeda (in Russian "Victory") watches ever since 1945. The Factory is continuing this tradition by producing a modern range of quartz watches with military styling. Your time - your Victory!

  • Sport

    Russian watch Pobeda "Sport"

    The "Sports" collection of Russian Pobeda (in Russian "Victory") watches is dedicated to people who intend to win. Our factory produces quartz watches in honour of all our sporting achievements. Your time - your Victory!

  • Traveller

    Russian watch Pobeda "Traveller"

    This Russian watch "Pobeda" will make you dream of adventures. Share the experience of intrepid heroes crossing the oceans or daring explorers discovering mysterious new lands. This quartz "Pobeda" watch is made for travelling and adventure. Your time - your Victory!