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“Pobeda” watches since 1945

The watch brand “Pobeda” (which means "Victory" in Russian) was created in 1945. The watchmakers were entrusted with the mission to create a watch that would celebrate the spirit of victory of every citizen of the country.

"Pobeda" watches were always close to the people's heart: they represent the continuous strive of each and everyone one of us to overcome every difficulty in life and reach victory on a daily basis. "Victory" (“Pobeda” in Russian) is always within the reach of your hand!

Your time — your Victory (“Pobeda”)!

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  • Classic

    The design of the model is based on the famous Pobeda watch of the 40s with a red digit “12” on the dial. Following this unique tradition, Raketa designers left this distinctive feature of the model unchanged.

  • Rodina

    In history 1944 is called as "Year of ten blows". The third one of this was the re-occupation of Crimea peninsula and the main base of the Black Sea Fleet - Sevastopol.

    In 2014 we celebrated 70th anniversary of the re-occupation of Crimea.

    The model “Crimea” symbolizes patriotism, happiness and pride for the country.

  • Mir

    Petrodvorets watch factory represents watch collection Pobeda “Mir”. The factory revives the models, created in the 40-50's, in honor of all the heroes of the country who wore these legendary watches. Today the classic look of Pobeda is supplemented by:

    • ivory color dial;

    • volume elements;

    • guilloché decoration.

  • First watch in space

    "Pobeda" - the first watch in space!

    • Watch “Pobeda” (Victory in Russian) was on board of the spaceship “Sputnik 4’’ on 9 March 1961 along with Chernushka dog and became the first watch in space.
    • On 12 April 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first man to travel into space. His wrist watch ‘’Pobeda’’ is in the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow.
    • Due to this fabulous event, the factory has launched a new line of models called ‘’Pobeda - First in space’’.
    • Watch Factory ‘’Raketa’’ is continuing to manufacture watches for cosmonauts, especially for ‘’Roscosmos’’(Russian NASA).
  • Vesna

    Petrodvorets watch factory launches a new collection Pobeda “Spring", designed specifically for our beloved ladies.  The collection is presented in pink and blue colours.

  • Military

    The watch brand “Pobeda” was created by order of the Kremlin in April 1945. “Pobeda” watches celebrate heroism and freedom of the Russian nation.

    Nowadays watch factory “Raketa” is producing  watches for the Russian army.  

  • Sport

    “Pobeda” watch with symbolics of Kontinental Hockey League — the major hockey league in Europe and the official partner of Raketa Watch Factory. Russian watch for hockey fans and Russian patriots.

  • Traveller

    Russian watches with a special inspiring mood. Brave heroes passing through all the world's oceans, courageous travellers in search of new mysterious countries — Pobeda collection is addressed to people who follow their passion!

    Life is a journey, so colour it with bright emotions and “Pobeda” watch!