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''Raketa 2609'' - manual mouvement

This classic watch with manual winding is inspired by an iconic model of the 1970s.

This elegant mechanical watch was initially designed in the 1970s and has become Raketa’s iconic model. During an official visit to Italy, journalists asked Mikhaïl Gorbachev what Perestroïka meant for the URSS. Gorbachev replied that Russia had made an entirely new start, and using his hands to emphasise his point, he showed the figure “0” marked in place of “12” on his Raketa watch. From that date, the hour figures on Raketa watches always start with 0 (instead of “12”) – one of Raketa’s trademarks.

The Raketa Watch Factory is one of the few factories in the world to produce everyone of the components of its mechanical movement in-house, including the most complicated parts such as the hairspring and the balance wheel.

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