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  • "Pobeda - 2018” by Samy Naceri

    Luc Besson's Taxi star, French actor Samy Naceri,  has decided to support Russia’s oldest watch factory, founded by Peter the Great in 1721 - by designing a new collection of Pobeda watches for 2018 !

    “Pobeda” is an historical Russian watch brand launched by the Kremlin in 1945! Meaning “Victory” in Russian. “Pobeda 2018” is dedicated to the ones willing to win !

    “Everyone deserves a “Pobeda” (Victory), says Samy Naceri, and I am glad to support this very old watch manufacture that is a strong symbol for Russians.”

  • Raketa "Amphibia" - for extreme diving

    Raketa “Amphibia” is specially designed for extreme diving under ice. The model is based on the watch designs from 1972, but it has been significantly changed since then.

    Technically “Amphibia” corresponds to all the parameters: steel case, sapphire glass, 400 meters of diving depth. The winding crown has a special lateral protection, so it may be used even using the gloves under water.

    The model has a rotating bezel to note time while diving. Bezel warns the diver about air volume left and the necessity to come back to surface.

  • "Pobeda -Classic" watch

    The design of the model is based on the famous Pobeda watch of the 40s with a red digit “12” on the dial. Following this unique tradition, Raketa designers left this distinctive feature of the model unchanged.

  • Raketa "Avant-garde" - by Emir Kusturica

    Emir Kusturica is a worldwide famous  Serbian film maker. He has competed at the Cannes Film Festival on five occasions and won the Palme d’Or twice. Emir Kusturica is also famous for his musical career as a part of the music band called «The No Smoking Orchestra». Emir Kusturica teamed up with creative studio Raketa to create a new Raketa watches in honor of 100th anniversary of Russian Avant-garde.

    The new model of Raketa watches designed by Emir Kusturica is dedicated to 100th anniversary of Russian Avant-garde. Raketa “Avant-garde” is the new model of Petrodvorets watch factory with the bright design in the best traditions of Russian Avant-garde. The hands in the shape of circles and triangles are running on the dial. The energy for it is generated by the unique movement Raketa «Avtomat». It is the first time in 30 years that Russia comes up with a new automatic self-winding movement.

  • "Pobeda - Crimea" Watch

    In history 1944 is called as "Year of ten blows". The third one of this was the re-occupation of Crimea peninsula and the main base of the Black Sea Fleet - Sevastopol.

    In 2014 we celebrated 70th anniversary of the re-occupation of Crimea.

    The model “Crimea” symbolizes patriotism, happiness and pride for the country.

  • Raketa "Ballerina" - for women

    “Ballerina” is one of a few lady watches made by the Petrodvorets watch factory.  Raketa brand is linked to such brilliant names as the Empress Catherine the Great , the Russian top model Natalia Vodianova and the first soloist dancer of Bolshoi theatre Anna Tihomorova.

    Ballerina watch is an epitome of the reliability of Russian watches, the beauty of Russian women and the glory of Russian ballet.

  • Raketa ''Baikonur'' - for cosmonauts

    Sergei Krikalev is a Russian astronaut. He is the world record holder for the total time, spent in space (803 days total) and twice hero of Russia. He joined the team of the watch factory "Raketa" for creating a special model for astronauts.

    The history of the brand "Raketa" is inextricably linked with the cosmos since 1961. The flight of Yuri Gagarin became the greatest step in the history of the mankind. Since then, there have been many discoveries, but Russian cosmonautics is still ahead. Sergei Krikalev is the most famous cosmonaut of the modern age, he is respected and well-known all over the world. Sergey has never accepted to cooperate with brands before, since he believes that his success was due to the work of hundreds of people who prepared his flights to space.

    Though, watch factory “Raketa” was an exception for him, as it really needed support.Sergei Krikalev decided to support the Russian historical factory and took part in the development of the best watches for Russian cosmonauts. This watch contains everything what is necessary for a successful flight into space: 24 hours dial, self-winding system with independent manual winding, solar compass, titanium bezel. Raketa "Baikonur” model opens a new line of so called “cosmic watches”. This new model will be available not only for real cosmonauts, but also for those who dreamed of becoming a cosmonaut one day.

  • Watch "Pobeda - Mir"

    Petrodvorets watch factory represents watch collection Pobeda “Mir”. The factory revives the models, created in the 40-50's, in honor of all the heroes of the country who wore these legendary watches. Today the classic look of Pobeda is supplemented by:

    • ivory color dial;

    • volume elements;

    • guilloché decoration.

  • Raketa "Chkalov" - for Russian pilots

    Raketa «Chkalov» is a temporary collection, launched before the take-off of our new project: the production of Raketa watches «Pilot—Avtomat» based on the automatic movement «Raketa—Avtomat». Engineers from Russian aerospace company «Tupolev» will help to elaborate the design of these new watches for Russian pilots.

    The design of the «Chkalov» imitates the instrumental panel of a plane. On the dial you will find images of magnetic compass and an altimeter. The design of the case comes from the 70s and has diameter 38 mm and quartz movement inside.

  • First watch in space - Pobeda

    "Pobeda" - the first watch in space!

    • Watch “Pobeda” (Victory in Russian) was on board of the spaceship “Sputnik 4’’ on 9 March 1961 along with Chernushka dog and became the first watch in space.
    • On 12 April 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first man to travel into space. His wrist watch ‘’Pobeda’’ is in the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow.
    • Due to this fabulous event, the factory has launched a new line of models called ‘’Pobeda - First in space’’.
    • Watch Factory ‘’Raketa’’ is continuing to manufacture watches for cosmonauts, especially for ‘’Roscosmos’’(Russian NASA).
  • Raketa "Classic"

    Raketa «Classic» is a genuine classical model of Petrodvorets watch factory «Raketa». Its original design was created in the 80s, but have been renewed several times since then.

    The design of Raketa «Classic» becomes more and more elegant with each new model. The newly-born design features golden plated elements and hands, transparent caseback which allows to admire the exquisite finish of the movement elements.

    The admirers of the watchmaking craft would appreciate «Perlage» on the main plate. Whereas «Cotes de Neva» pattern on the bridges would become really a hit! Other important details such as diamond processed balance and oscillating weight, engraved with Raketa logo, make this mechanism look really unique.

    New generation of Raketa «Classic» is created for man who is very much concerned about his look from top to mechanism his watch piece contains.

  • Watch "Pobeda - Peterhof"

    The model "Peterhof" reflects a classic Pobeda style. It is set in a golden case that symbolizes the splendid Peterhof palaces.

  • ''Raketa 2609'' - manual mouvement

    Mikhail Gorbachev was the first celebrity who started wearing this watch model early in 80s. When visiting Italy he was asked by a journalist what Perestroika meant for him. Gorbachev immediately replied that Russians had decided to start living from Zero and to illustrate this he showed them his Raketa watch with “0” instead of “12”.

  • "Pobeda - Vesna" for women

    Petrodvorets watch factory launches a new collection Pobeda “Spring", designed specifically for our beloved ladies.  The collection is presented in pink and blue colours.

  • Raketa "Copernicus"

    "Copernicus"  is an iconic model, its design goes beyond the bounds of a of classical watch design and aspires into space. The first model of "Copernicus" was released in the early 80's, at that times the artists were inspired by the cosmic themes.

    This legendary watch has become a real gem for most of the watch collectors and today it has obtained a new look. It features a dark blue watch dial resembling the night skies and hands in the shape of planets. Design of the dial displays the phenomena of the total solar eclipse.

  • Pobeda - Military watches

    The watch brand “Pobeda” was created by order of the Kremlin in April 1945. “Pobeda” watches celebrate heroism and freedom of the Russian nation.

    Nowadays watch factory “Raketa” is producing  watches for the Russian army.  

  • Raketa "Cosmos" - women watches

    The Petrodvorets watch factory «Raketa» that has been producing watches for sailors, pilots, extreme explorers, divers and cosmonauts, pays tribute to the great woman that opened a new era in space exploration — Valentina Tereshkova. Because cosmic exploration is not confined to men, the limited edition of Raketa watches “Cosmos” for women is launched in honor of the first woman in space.

    With rich design and vivid colours, the new Raketa “Cosmos” brings women in outer space!

    It is not necessary any more to fly in outer space to feel like a cosmonaut!

  • "Pobeda - Hoсkey"by KHL

    “Pobeda” watch with symbolics of Kontinental Hockey League — the major hockey league in Europe and the official partner of Raketa Watch Factory. Russian watch for hockey fans and Russian patriots.

  • Raketa "Neft" - for oilmen

    Raketa has created new model of the watch «NEFT»  (OIL in Russian). Russia is famous for its rich natural resources, but also for unique production achievements. The oldest Russian factory has stressed that unity by launching a new model «NEFT».

  • "Pobeda - Pilot Watch" by Ilyushin

    Raketa Watch Factory in collaboration with Ilyushin Aviation Complex were determined to produce pilot’s watches based on “Pobeda”. Ilyushin Aviation Complex is one of the leading aviation companies in Russia. These aviation watches could be suitable both for the male and the female public.

  • Raketa "Classic" - Quartz

    “Raketa” makes the history! A well-known model “Petrodvorets Classic” appears with a new design!

    Mikhail Gorbachev was the first celebrity who started wearing this watch model early in 80s. When visiting Italy he was asked by a journalist what Perestroika meant for him. Gorbachev immediately replied that Russians had decided to start living from Zero and to illustrate this he showed them his Raketa watch with “0” instead of “12”.

    “Raketa” still continues producing this model but with a fresh look.

    Thanks to its impressive design, “Petrodvorets Classic” has become a Raketa bestseller.

  • "Pobeda - Officer"

    "Pobeda" watches are strengthened by the historic ties on the wrists of Russian officers since 1945. Petrodvorets Watch Factory has launched the production of the quartz chronograph "Pobeda" , the design of which goes back to 60s. In the Soviet times  chronographs usually wore military men, scientists, engineers, sportsmen, civil servants. Even the famous USSR cosmonauts  could not do without a chronograph on board of the spaceship. The classic design of those times was revived in a new Pobeda "Officer”.

  • Raketa "Classic" - Automatic

    “Raketa” makes the history! A well-known model “Petrodvorets Classic” appears with a new design!

    Mikhail Gorbachev was the first celebrity who started wearing this watch model early in 80s. When visiting Italy he was asked by a journalist what Perestroika meant for him. Gorbachev immediately replied that Russians had decided to start living from Zero and to illustrate this he showed them his Raketa watch with “0” instead of “12”.

    “Raketa” still continues producing this model but with a fresh look.

    Thanks to its impressive design, “Petrodvorets Classic” has become a Raketa bestseller.

  • Raketa "Submariner" - Automatic 24 hours

    Inspired by the Soviet design archives of the 24 hours scale watches for the submarine fleet, Petrodvorets watch factory «Raketa» has created a new watch model called «Submariner 24».

    Watch factory Raketa is widely known for producing watches with 24 hours dial. These watches have been developed by Russian engineers during the 60-s specifically for people who work in difficult conditions, where it is hard to distinguish day from night, for example: cosmonauts, polar explorers and submariners.

  • Raketa "Polar" - for polar explorers

    The Petrodvorets watch factory is famous all over the world for special watches with 24-hour dials.  Now it  has created a new model “Polar” with automatic movement.  These 24-hour movements were originally made for military services: astronauts, submariners and polar explorers.

    This new model is equipped with a self-winding mechanism “Raketa-Avtomat”, one of the most reliable movements in the world.

    According to the tradition, the factory engineers designed a new model “Polar”  based on the original design of 69s.

  • Raketa "Premier" - by Bolshoi Theater Stars

    The principal dancer of the Bolshoi theatre, the Russian ballet star Artem Ovcharenko has teamed up with the Raketa сreative studio to create a new design for the model “Premier”.

    The history of this model goes back to the 60-s. The combination of elegance and male character are reflected in this subtle model which also sum up Artem’s personality.

    The creation of the watch movement is somehow comparable with the hard labour of a ballet dancer when he wants achieve a goal to become a principal dancer.

    A delicate design, a mother - of - pearl inlay reflects the beauty of the Russian ballet.

  • Raketa ''Sukhoi'' - for pilots

    Russian pilot watch designed by Sukhoi engineers for SU-25 pilots - With a date inside the zero, a titanium bezel - this pilot watch is equipped with the legendary Raketa automatic movement ! This time piece is a reference in the Russian air and space industry.

  • Raketa "Yalta" - 50 years in production!

    Very few watch brands can be proud of a model with 50 years of history. Chanel? Rolex? Hermes? Raketa!

    In 1967 the Petrodvorets watch factory released «Yalta». For 50 years this model has been  popular among the Russian citizens. Designers of «Raketa» refreshed legendary model, and engineers added the unique mechanism Raketa - Avtomat.

    New model «Yalta»  keeps the principal design of the original model: a peculiar division of the dial into 3 parts, which reminds of the famous 3 leaders summit in Yalta in 1945.

  • Raketa "Zvezda" - by Natalia Vodianova

    Model “Zvezda” is designed in cooperation with Natalia Vodianova. The design  is based on the retro model called “Cities” of 70s. The model reflects the spirit of a modern woman. The unique combination of a large mother of pearl dial with Swarovski crystals and a tiny leather strap is really a unique masterpiece. Two models of “Zvezda” are available  - with quartz  or “Raketa-Avtomat” movement.

  • Raketa "Seaman"

    Historically, Petrodvorets Watch Factory supplied the Russian and Soviet Navy. Before and after the end of  the Great Patriotic War the factory supplied factory with various instruments. Since the early 1950s Petrodvorets Watch Factory started producing the watches for one of the most important Russian fleets: Pacific and Baltic. Today Petrodvorets Watch Factory is delighted to present the renewed Raketa “Seaman” model based on “Raketa — Avtomat” movement.

  • Raketa ''TU-160'' - for pilots

    Not only the traditions and unique “know-how” relates “Raketa” and “Tupolev”, but also a strong relationship with a Russian history and the opportunity to position itself as the native Russian brand. «Tupolev» is Russia’s largest aircraft designer and manufacturer. They produce, test and sustain aircrafts designed for the Russian Aerospace Force and civilian use. The Tupolev bureau is also a key actor in technological research and development, contributing to keep ahead the Russian Aerospace industry.

    The watch Raketa «Pilot TU-160»  is based on the 24h mechanism «Raketa Avtomat» calibre 2624. The central topic of the watch has become the image of the missile carrier “TU-160” on the dial. This concept was created by the designers of the Petrodvorets watch factory and engineers of Tupolev bureau. The hands and dial are coated with luminox so it is possible to check time in any extreme conditions or at night.

  • Pobeda - "Traveller"

    Russian watches with a special inspiring mood. Brave heroes passing through all the world's oceans, courageous travellers in search of new mysterious countries — Pobeda collection is addressed to people who follow their passion!

    Life is a journey, so colour it with bright emotions and “Pobeda” watch!