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Founded by Peter the Great in 1721 the factory has been producing the watches under the brand name "Raketa" since 1961 after the flight of Yuri Gagarin.

Existing for already 300 years, the factory has changed many names and has evolved from a small lapidary factory to a giant of the watch industry, exporting watches to more than 30 countries. Ruby stars of the Moscow Kremlin, marble stones for St. Isaac's Cathedral, precious stones for the imperial crown of Catherine the Great, precious stones for the Faberge house - all these were produced at the Petrodvorets factory.

  • “RAKETA Amphibia” - designed for extreme diving under ice! The model has a rotating bezel to note time while diving. Bezel warns the diver about air volume left and the necessity to come back to surface.
  • "RAKETA Polar-Avtomat" - based on a 1969 model with 24-hour dial. Mechanism was conceived for polar expeditions, cosmonauts or submariners.
  • “RAKETA Pilot TU 160” - designed for the Russian Aerospace Force in cooperation with the aerospace manufacturer “Tupolev”.

  • “RAKETA Avant-Garde” designed by Emir Kusturica is dedicated to 100th anniversary of Russian Avant-garde. It is the first time in 30 years that Russia comes up with a new automatic self-winding movement.
  • “RAKETA Baikonur” - designed by Sergei Krikalev is necessary for a successful flight into space: 24 hours dial, self-winding system with independent manual winding, solar compass, titanium bezel.
  • “RAKETA Ballerina“ - the epitome of the reliability of Russian watches, the beauty of Russian women and the glory of Russian ballet.

  • “RAKETA Zvezda” - designed in cooperation with Natalia Vodianova. The design is based on the retro model called “Cities” of 70s.
  • "RAKETA Petrodvorets Classic"- the most popular model of "RAKETA", which was worn by Gorbachev during the Perestroika.
  • “RAKETA Copernicus” - the iconic model of the Petrodvorets Watch Factory, its design goes beyond the bounds of a of classical watch design and aspires into space.

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory "Raketa", Russia's oldest factory, was founded by Peter the Great in 1721. The factory is producing watches under the brand "Pobeda" since the end of World War II. In 1961, the brand "Raketa" was launched in honor of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory "Raketa" is one of the rare watch factories in the world that fully manufactures its own movements from A to Z including hair spring and escapement.

Our Official Internet Shop has existed since 2010, we send watches all over the world by regular or express delivery. We never lost one shipment!

If you would like to purchase Russian watches “Raketa” and “Pobeda”, please place an order. Our manager will soon contact you to discuss delivery terms.

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