Copernicus 0184 - Russian watches form early 80's - Modern look

Raketa ''Copernicus'' 0230


Avtomat 5 atm case size 40,5
Delivery car Delivery from Paris


Inspired by the iconic soviet watch Copernicus, this watch pays homage to the science of astronomy.

The first Raketa “Copernicus” watch was launched in the early 1980s, and it is no coincidence that it bears the name of the famous astronomer. Its design is entirely inspired by Copernicus’ theory of the universe, which led to a fundamental revolution in the science of the 16th century: the Sun lies at the centre of the system, and the earth and the Moon revolve around it (and not the other way round as had been thought up to then). This iconic watch has been revived today under a new form. The designers of the Raketa Watch Factory turned to the famous Russian cosmonaut Alexandr Ivantchenkov who shared his experience of open space travel with them, and helped them perfect its design.

The Russian engineers of the Raketa Watch Factory have fitted this watch with an automatic movement entirely designed and manufactured in Saint Petersburg.

MovementAutomatic movement
Movement TypeAvtomat
Water resistant5 АТМ
Case size40,5х12 mm
Strap typeGenuine leather
Size of the strap22 mm

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