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Raketa "Russian code" 0224


5 atm case size 40,5
Delivery car Delivery from Paris


Limited edition with anti-clockwise movement for people who are not afraid to think differently!

Limited edition of 300 Russian automatic watches, for people who are not afraid to think differently. If you manage to decipher the message encoded in the watch “Russian Code”, then this watch is made for you!

Here are some clues: did you know that the laws of astronomy make the Earth spin around its axis in an anti-clockwise direction, that the Moon turns around the Earth anti-clockwise and that the Earth likewise turns around the Sun anti-clockwise? The watch Raketa “Russian Code” reproduces this natural movement of the planets in the Universe: all the hands of the watch move anticlockwise!

Have you succeeded in deciphering the coded message? The conventional direction is not necessarily correct! This watch is made for people who are not afraid to choose their own way, for people who look upwards, towards the stars!

The “Raketa - Avtomat” automatic movement, one of the most reliable in the world, is produced entirely in the Raketa Watch Factory in Saint Petersburg.

* The Raketa watch “Russian Code” has a special movement which makes the hands turn anti-clockwise. If you wind-up the movement manually, it is necessary to turn the crown towards you (i.e. contrary to the usual direction). When you set the time, it is necessary to turn the hands anti-clockwise.

MovementAutomatic movement
Water resistant5 АТМ
Case size40,5х12 mm
Strap typeGenuine leather
Size of the strap22 mm
Wrist size135 - 185 mm

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