Submariner 0167 - Made for Soviet polar explorers and submariners

Raketa "Submariner" 0167


Avtomat 20 atm case size 43
Delivery car Delivery from Paris


This 24-hour watch is inspired by a soviet model designed for use by Russian submarine crews.

Located near the Saint Petersburg naval bases, the Raketa Watch Factory has often produced watches for submarine crews, and continues to do so to this day. Its 24-hour dial, protected by a sapphire glass, enables submariners to distinguish between night and day deep under the sea The luminous paint on the hands and figures enables the wearer to read the time in the darkness of a submarine, and the watch is water-resistant to a level of 20 ATM (equivalent to the pressure under 200 metres of water).

The engine of this watch, the “Raketa - Avtomat” automatic movement, is entirely produced at the Raketa Watch Factory in Saint Petersburg.

MovementAutomatic movement
Movement TypeAvtomat 24 hours
Water resistant20 АТМ
Case size43х11 mm
Strap typeSilicone
Size of the strap22 mm
Wrist size145 - 200 mm

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