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Raketa "Yalta" 0233


Avtomat 5 atm case size 40,5
Delivery car Delivery from Paris


Automatic watch inspired by a famous design from the 1960s which pays homage to the post-1945 world order.

Raketa’s “Yalta” model has remained in production for more than 50 years. Its dial is divided into three equal parts (unlike normal classic watch dials that are usually divided into “even” parts). This symbolises the 1945 “Yalta” conference where the three allied powers met in Yalta (Crimea) to lay down the basis of the new world order. More widely, this design harks back to the well known troïka (the figure “3”), the symbol of the Russian character and heart.

The Russian “Raketa - Avtomat” automatic movement is entirely made at the Raketa Watch Factory in Saint Petersburg and holds a prominent place in the watchmaking industry.

MovementAutomatic movement
Movement TypeAvtomat
Water resistant5 АТМ
Case size40,5х12 mm
Strap typeSolid stainless steel bracelet
Size of the strap22 mm
Wrist size195 mm

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