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Inspired by the sky, our watchmakers produce watches for Russian pilots of the leading Russian aviation companies: “Sukhoi”, “Tupolev”, “Ilyshin”. If you dream of flying, you can reach the sky without specialized training — Russian watches “Raketa” and “Pobeda” are for you! We congratulate you with the Day of the Russian Air Force (VVS) and the Russian Airborne Forces (VDV)!
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Petrodvorets Watch Factory, as well as the Russian fleet, was founded by Peter the Great. The factory traditionally produces Russian watches for sailors.Feel the spirit of freedom, adventures and new discoveries with "Raketa" and "Pobeda" watches. We congratulate you with the Day of the Russian Navy!
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Luc Besson's Taxi star, French actor Sami Naceri, has decided to support Russia’s oldest watch factory, founded by Peter the Great in 1721 — by designing a new collection of “Pobeda” watches for 2018.
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Raketa “Sukhoi” is a long-awaited model with an improved mechanism, supplemented with calendar function. “Raketa” watch factory engineers managed to save the drawings of the mechanism with the “date function” and in collaboration with Sukhoi company team they have upgraded this mechanism.
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"Copernicus" is an iconic model, its design goes beyond the bounds of a of classical watch design and aspires into space. The first model of "Copernicus" was released in the early 80's, at that times the artists were inspired by the cosmic themes.
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